The Best Brownie Mix

Hi guys! I’m just getting my blog back up (and really running this time)!! Things were so crazy planning the wedding and I feel like I just didn’t have the time or energy to focus on the blog and the content. But now I am back and better than ever, at my favorite time of year….CHRISTMAS!!!! I’m so excited to get into any and all things Christmas. I’ll talk about some decor and DIY stuff later, but I just want to quickly mention that there is so much great stuff at TJ Maxx. I’m getting my tree tomorrow…we have new puppies and they’ve been keeping us so busy that we keep delaying on getting the tree. But I’m so anxious to decorate it and get some presents under the tree.

ANYWAYSSSS! Christmas time involves lots and lots of baking. An easy dessert that everyone always likes is Brownies. You can make them extra fun and Christmasy by adding buttercream frosting and crushed candy canes on the top! My favorite (what I think is the BEST) brownie mix is the Ghiradelli Triple Chocolate mix. I get it at Costco for a great price and I use the recipe that calls for two packs in a 9×13 dish.


Whenever I make brownies, I like to mix the eggs, water, and oil in a liquid measuring cup with a fork. I beat the mixture with a fork until its all mixed well. I really like these plastic measuring cups I got from Costco because they are so easy to clean and the stack nicely in the cupboard. Typically I try to use everything glass or stainless steal for health reasons, but since nothing stays a long time in a liquid measuring cup plastic is fine. I put the brownie mix in a nonskid stainless steal mixing bowl (makes life easier when you’re mixing anything together) and push the mix to the outside of the bowl to create a “volcano”.  Then I stir in the egg mixture with a wooden spoon, pouring into the center of the “volcano” pushing the mix from the sides into the liquid. Make sure when you get to the end of mixing the batter you dig deep to the bottom to make sure you mix in all the brownie powder!


Then pour the batter into a glass dish! One thing that I think makes everything when baking is greasing all your dishes with butter instead of oil! And for any and all Christmas recipes that call for butter, use Kerrygold’s Irish Butter. Makes everything SOOOO much better. IMG_7741

Make sure to get all the batter out of the bowl with a silicone spatula and smooth it throughout the baking dish to make sure it cooks evenly throughout! I’m loving copper in my kitchen, this spatula is one of my favorites…and it benefits a great campaign!IMG_7740

This is my favorite buttercream frosting recipe! I’ve used it for forever, my mom passed it down to me. Growing up she made all our birthday cakes (colored the frosting for all of them too…winnie the pooh, batman, etc) and used this recipe.

  • 4 cups powdered sugar
  • 2 stick of butter
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • whipping cream to consistency (about 4 tbsp)
    • Whip a lot when you add the cream and keep it cool!

It is so amazing (warning: makes large volume of icing…I always freeze my extras)! Put this on top of your COOLED brownies (leave them in the pan to cool). And then add your crushed candy canes as garnish. Voilà! A classic and simple dessert with a Christmas twist! If you’re feeling a little flirty…add some peppermint extract to your brownie mix.




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