Beach Hair… Don’t Care

I love the beach. Swimming in warm water, laying out in the sun, saltwater beach waves…really can’t beat it. And I think I have a bikini problem, I wish I could buy them all…but then I would be broke. 😦 When I need to clear my head, going down to the beach and just walking around is literally the most peaceful thing. Jeremy and I love to go and take pictures, read, and just hangout. We love when its stormy to go walk, or right before a storm how the water gets. Anyways, we all love the beach. Below are some of my beach essentials…

Beach Blanket


I have this beach blanket by Amuse Society. They also have this one that I love!

Jean Shorts

I am literally the pickiest when it comes to jean shorts. I don’t like anything too short because I often find they aren’t flattering..and I want to keep it covered. I also typically get one size bigger than I typically wear, believe me it makes a huge difference on how they look!


These are Joe’s jean shorts, I have multiple styles and denim colors. Here is one with similar fit to the ones I am wearing here…you can cuff them once more to get it more similar.


I previously wrote a post on sunglasses of the summer, including the Linda Farrow Rose Gold sunglasses I am wearing here.

Bikini Season

Summer is also known as “Bikini Season.” This is almost the same style top I have on above, it’s Frankie’s. Here are some other swimsuits I’m loving: this one piece, this bikini from Frankie’s, this black Coulbourne set, this bralette set by Vitamin A, and this strapless top with these bottoms from Boys + Arrows.

Now everyone make sure they make it out to the beach before summer comes to an end!



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