Disney World Outfit Day 2

Key to great Disney adventures is a cool, cute outfit with comfy shoes….as discussed in my day 1 outfit post! Our second day at Disney World I wore one of my favorite rompers (which I have in multiple colors and multiple styles). It is by Planet Blue! Ever since I moved back to Florida, I shop at the Boca Raton location. The girls there are amazing and extremely helpful! I had to continue wearing my pink minnie ears because they are a necessity while at Disney. And for shoes…I wore my Vince slip ons again (they really are that comfy).

my:   romper    shoes

p.s. (ignore my squinty eyes)


my man’s:   hat   sunglasses   shirt   shorts   shoes

Again, I discussed in my last post how much Jeremy loves Vuori, Lululemon, Nike, and Travis Mathew. The hat is the same Travis Mathew hat from the last post, but I actually found a link to it on a golf site. His shorts here are another pair of Vuori…these ones are super stretchy! His shirt is a Metal Vent Tech Short Sleeve shirt from Lululemon. Lulu’s Metal Vents are awesome because they are sweat wicking, very stretchy, and have anti-stink technology. Not only is it perfect for working out, but perfect for a hot day at Disney!!

Something I didn’t discuss in my last post was J’s love for Oakley sunglasses, specifically their Prizm technology. Their Prizm lens makes the sun easy on your eyes and clarifies everything! He wears Oakley for baseball and on the reg. Absolutely loves them!

Later in the afternoon we went back to our hotel for some pool time, and came back to the park that night!


My:   tank   sports bra   leggings   shoes

My Man’s:   shirt   shorts   shoes

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